Acharya Bharata Chaitanya


Disciple of Swami Dayananda Saraswati

Post graduate in Mathematics and Sanskrit. After collegiate, has done dedicated service activities for the Mother land for 12 Yrs. As a spiritual seeker from Childhood then went Himalayas did his Thapas. Studied Vedanta education and gained higher Spiritual attainments at Rishikesh under many great Saints.
Now from 2007, staying in Chidambaram continuing a life of Thapas, travelling around Tamil Nadu, does many Service activities for the Mother India.

Rishi Vidya Pitham

It’s a forum established by Acharya, doing many projects to help the people get equipped to practice Indian Traditional lifestyle and to enjoy happy life, in keeping with the vision of living in the modern world.

Rishigalin Kalvi

It’s a course compiled by Acharya. Now it’s a leading project, has given peace, clear vision and successful lifestyle in thousands of people’s life. They live happily.

Bhaaratiyam – Indian eternal science.

A value education building the personality of a child going with eternal truths. The students, benefits of Rishigalin Kalvi requested Acharya to give the education at the childhood itself so that they can lead a perfect life from the starting itself. Meditating over that he has compiled an easy version of Rishigalin Kalvi capacitated to help children get right vision, attitudes and help gain many capabilities. Now the structure….

It takes one class a week, one course a year for a child. & There are four courses .

A school can choose any number of courses within. Generally the courses one, two, three and four can be taught in their 6, 7, 8 and 9th standards.

We can provide a guest teacher to your school one day a week with your salary. You can decide a standard and the day as you wish and you can use the MI period or any other period to do it.

For other details you can contact us at  9894698646, 8428281371  ( Priyadharshini secretary ),