Level 3. Samaaja Vidya

  •  Our race. How come there is a common culture and a belief system in such a vast country? Is there a common source of knowledge backup for that?
  •  The Book. What is the source of book? We see lot of books recommending about goals and lifestyles in our culture, what should be taken.
  •  The culture. What is Varnaasrama? Why did they come about? What is that they meant for? Did they help us or destroy? Is it not idiotic to classify human being? We could see lot of great achievements in Science, architect, medicine, mathematics, astronomy and many more in our country even thousands of year back in India, how come they were possible? They led an honest life in communities, what made them not to cheat among? How come such intelligent people not competing with others in the community thinking them as family member, paid duties too? Even though they were great warriors’ they didn’t destroy the world communities, why didn’t? How come there was such a matured coordinated? Was there a cause behind, or just like that occasionally? Is there anything with the culture to help me to lead a good life even in this advanced modern scientific world?
  •  Worship methods. Shaiva – Vaishnava…? Why did they come? Who did make them, for whom? Is idol worship perfect? How come? Why do they carry weapons with their hands? Why do we pour milk on, instead we can help people with? …. Are they relevant or necessary in this scientific age? How to perform beneficial daily worship & japa? Why temples & pilgrimages, festivals & fasting… are there? Are they not waste of time & money?
  •  Custom. Why do have lot of attitudes & behaviors in our culture. Don’t they kill my freedom? Are they meaningful and helping? It looks too many, what to practice & what to omit?
  •  Protection. Are there things one should know for the benefit of one’s family & country? What are they? What is a complete life? What is the use of leading a Bharatiya lifestyle? How do they play role in helping & protecting one? If there is thankfulness how to pay back for? Why should one do?

The benefits: All the Level1 & Level2 Knowledge will be fine-tuned & benefits strengthened more. He will be proud to be & say I’m an Indian; will be honest with the country & culture and paying back too; won’t harm the country. They may become capable right leaders in the future.