Level 4. Brahma Vidya

  •  Saadhya-Saadhana-Vichaar: Analysis on the goal of human life, and a perfect conducive lifestyle.
  •  Pramaana Vichaar: Analysis on means for knowledge. How does a knowledge takes place?
  •  Aatmajnaanam: The right self knowledge. AtmaDarsana / Self realisation
  •  Brahmajnaanam: The right God knoeledge. Sakshatkar / God realization
  •  Aikyajnaanam: what is the relationship between Atmaa and Brahma.Can we recognize it? How can we do?
  •  Mukti / Moksha / Freedom / Liberation
  •  Samadhi experiences. Which is the right instrument- Jnaana Yoga, Raaja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga or Karma Yoga?
  •  Benefit of Human birth gaining Oneness With God
  •  Vedic Meditations. Guided, Higher meditations with Himaalayan techniques.
  •  Guru Krupa. What to do to find a Guru, Spiritual teacher and gain knowledge?
  •  Nischaya Marga. I have Undergone number of spiritual Practices, which is the final one?

The benefits: The validity of all that said in Level1, Level2, & Level3 will be realized. The conformity to Dharma will be seen as meaningful by the mind; and transgressing Dharma will be laughed at by the same mind. Learns the source for Indian great lifestyle and desires it. The person becomes undisturbed by jealous, fear,… unscarred of world, needless to commit Adharma, capable even to guide others for right way of living. He will lead a self satisfied life, whatever may the situations in one’s life. Remains thankful to the Parampara, happily serves one’s family, community, the Mother Land and culture.

Note: The forth Level isn’t taught to all. Who could learn the three Levels properly, have studied minimum 3 alled subjects, and have done adequate Guru-Seva should approach and ask Aachaarya. After an interview they may be selected.