Level1. Vyakti Vidya

  • The Vedas. What is the Vedas? What does it convey? Where did it come from? Is there anything useful for this scientific and modern world?
  •  The God. Does God Exits? Where does? How many are there? If He exists, why poverty, handicap, crime, accidents, natural calamities … are there?
  •  The creation. How did the world come about? What is the cause for?
  •  The Fate & Freewill. Is fate true? Where does it go until? Where does my Freewill start work?
  •  Punya & Paapa. Are Punya-Paapa true? Why do people with Paapa prosper but people with Punya suffer?
  •  Life. Why does one get such a parents, relationships, wealth status, disease, capacities and incidents in one’s life? All the truths and secrets of birth, fat, death.
  •  Lokas. Svarga, Naraka,… are there 14 worlds? Where are they? Why could rockets not find them?
  • Previous & next births. Are previous births, next births true? Why do I not remember?
  •  Death & After. What happens to the Soul after death? Is there message for the good life of my children & good relationships in the family? What is it?
  •  Prayer level1: Why should one do worship? How to perform benefiting prayer? Slokas for daily prayer.

The benefits: Level1 builds up the right discriminative power. It removes helplessness, hatred, fear of future, fear of power, fear of death, jealous, inferiority complex, superiority complex like all unwanted tendencies of the mind. And it removes the faculty itself from the mind if they can sprout again. It invokes the inner strength and make one recognize one’s potentiality. It helps one to accept what have come gracefully, and to use the free will where it can be used. He can’t become a cruel or criminal one anymore.