Level2. Kutumba Vidya

  •  Karma Yoga:  The traditional Indian method of dealing with. What does it say? Why do I need it? How to practice it?
  •  Taking decisions: What is the basic measure on which one should take decision at a junction, what to do & what not to? Why is one incapable of taking decisions in crisis? Why does one regret afterwards? How to win them over?
  •  Mind Administration: What is the connection between one and one’s mind? Why is there no concentration in jobs at hand? Why are there attractions on jobs what are not mine? Why the mind chatters & rebels always? Many times the mind drags one & one become helpless, why is it so? How to administrate the mind properly.
  •  Worries: What is the answer for the worries about one’s family members and their future; and those worries affect one’s duty? How to reduce failures? How to increase success?
  •  The 5 Worships: What are Pancha Mahaa Yajnas? Why should one do? How to do? The right behaviors with Deivam, Parents, Teachers, Human beings and the nature.
  •  Family: What is marriage & why it’s meant for? How to keep the spouse be pleased? What are my duties to and the rights over? What are agreed through a marriage and what are not? What should be learned for a better understanding and a blessed married life? What is the need for a family & Relationship? How to take care of them?
  •  Relatives: Why are there many numbers of relationships and duties towards? Are all important? What is the basis to resolve conflicts or troubles on?
  •  Priorities: Personal, family & job – where should one give first priority? Which is important? Why it’s so? How to manage them properly? How to be a peaceful person while performing all kinds of duties. How to choose one when many important things comes at one time.

The benefits: All the Level1 Knowledge will be fine-tuned & benefits strengthened more. They gain the method to lead a righteous life & to protect oneself from unrighteous people & situations. They learn wakeful life. They won’t murmur, won’t make other one murmur as he learns why & how not to make; learn the techniques to handle all the situations without any worries; becomes potentially a good spouse and parent.