Our Courses

It’s a forum established by Acharya, doing many projects to help the people get equipped to practice Indian Traditional lifestyle and to enjoy happy life, in keeping with the vision of living in the modern world.

Rishigalin Kalvi

It’s a course – traditional vedic teaching program compiled by Acharya. Now it’s a leading project, has given peace, clear vision and successful lifestyle in thousands of people’s life. They live happily. The students, benefits of his regular teaching requested Acharya to give a crash course so that they can learn important life education in a short time, as the lifestyle today is busy. Meditating over that he has compiled an easy version Rishigalin Kalvi – The teachings Hindu Rishis capacitated to help anyone gain right visions over, attitudes towards, skills at dealing life.


Now the structure….

There are 4 camps in it. Camp1 [ 7days], Camp2 [7days], Camp3 [10days] and Camp4 [10days]. Only two hours in a day.

Camp1: VyaktiVidyaa – The science of Individual life: from Vedas The right personal life settlement

Camp2: KutumbaVidyaa – The science of family life: From Bhagavad Gita Leading a successful & blissful family life settlement

Camp3: SamaajaVidyaa – The science of Social life: From Rishis . The right social & cultural settlement

Camp4:  BrhamaVidyaa – The science of God: From Vedanta . The right Eternal life settlement. Indian Introvert Science. . Back to the feet of God