RishiVidyaPitam launches GURUKULA VAASAM

RishiVidyaPitam launches GURUKULA VAASAM – a residential short time study pattern.

it covers the syllabus of RishiVidya or Rishigalin kalvi and Shloka practices. Actually the RishiVidya is done for 7 days and 2 hours a day.
now it will be achieved just in 3 whole days, so that participants from far away also can get benefited.

now RishiVidya students can recommend theirĀ  kith and kins to make use of this pattern.

GURUKULA VAASAM will help the participant to grasp the teachings completely and get assimilated as it is learned all the day

the fee system is as usual~
no charges for the Vedic content the teachings
desired Gurudakshina can be offered at the time of departure
only the share of of office admin expenses has to be taken care.

the first course is held on 2012 Nov30, Dec1 & 2 = Friday Saturday and Sunday

and further GURUKULA VAASAM classes will be held on every 2rd Friday and 4th Friday of every month

for any details about GURUKULA VAASAM course plese contact onĀ  +91 90 42 500 500 or +91 90 42 600 600 or rishividyaoffice@gmail.com