Rvp is opening its branch in Chennai as many of Chennai students

Rvp is opening its branch in Chennai as many of Chennai students were asking for it

Actually the chennai people are liking the Rishi Vidya a lot as they are handling many issues in the life of a single day and getting stressful mind

RishiVidya has relived the Chennai students a lot from the stress hence they love it a lot

hence the RishiVamsh committee was thinking over it and has found a solution for

now it has dedicated Aachaarayaa PriyaDarshini who is a well known Vedic Teacher in RVP Coimbatore.

Aachaaryaa PriyaDarshini will be doing the RishiVidya classes in Tamil and English
the center will be functioning from December 2012 at Thambaram _ Sanatorium.

now RishiVidya students can recommend their  kith and kins who are in Chennai to make use of this opportunity.

the fee system is as usual~
no charges for the Vedic content the teachings
desired Gurudakshina can be offered at the time of departure
only the share of of office admin expenses has to be taken care.

desired students may come and participate or they can arrange a gathering for a course anywhere in Chennai, it  will be considered to.

for any details about  Chennai RishiVidya course please contact on  +91 90 42 500 500 or +91 90 42 600 600 or rishividyaoffice@gmail.com